Mr Sihan


I am a property developer who has worked with Northern Design Partnership, in particular with Paul Briggs for 20 years now. Paul has been absolutely superb to work with, his professionalism, knowledge and creativity is second to none. Paul is always available to answer any questions, be it small or big and will always come up with solutions and new ideas even when I want to change things during development. I would recommend Northern Design Partnership to everyone, a fantastic firm to work with.

Mottram House

Dwellings Mottram, Greater Manchester 2019

This detached family home is a replacement dwelling in a countryside setting. The design successfully combines a series of flat roofs with a range of materials and large glazed panels exploiting the views. The walls are finished in a blend of render, horizontal cladding, and slate slips. The overall design exhibits a contemporary aesthetic that sits harmoniously in its rural setting. 

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